A Typical First Visit Session

A typical first visit to my office will last about one-half hour. We will discuss any previous experience you have had with hypnosis. We will also talk about what hypnosis is and is not and what you can expect. I will have you answer a few brief questions and we will set some goals. When you are ready we will begin the actual hypnosis session. I will have you sit in a comfortable and relaxing chair and using earphones you will listen to music designed to help you relax while I talk you through a deep relaxation/hypnosis exercise. The exercise will last about 20 minutes. I will record your session and after the exercise I will give you a recording of your session to practice with. We will talk about your experience and make plans for your next visit.

A typical first skype session is almost identical to an office visit except that you will be in your own environment and you will be hearing me through your computer and not my headphones.